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Single Saints for your journey - Part 1

Servant of God Montse Grases

She was single.

She was madly in love with God and led a holy, exemplary life.

She had a contagious joy that radiated outwards and attracted everyone around her.

Who was this ordinary yet inspiring young woman who not only survived but celebrated her season of singleness?

I hope you’ll journey with me as I discover her secrets to truly embodying what it means to be a Happy Single Catholic.

Venerable Montse Grases was known for her big heart and the vibrant enthusiasm she had for life.

Born one of nine children to a very devout Catholic family in Barcelona, Montse cultivated a close relationship with Jesus at a young age.

She believed that she could become holy through offering even the ordinary activities of her daily life to God.

She not only excelled in her academics but enjoyed many hobbies such as playing sports, dancing and acting.

She loved people and had many friends.

However, when she was 16, Montse was diagnosed with cancer in her leg.

Her life became drastically different.

She had to give up her many activities and was eventually became completely bedridden.

Yet what really impacted her family and friends was her cheerful attitude even during intense suffering.

Montse’s story is so beautiful and you can watch the entire documentary of her life here.

There are many things that we can learn from her as single young women but I would like to highlight how she joyfully embraced God’s will for her life, though this meant that she would experience suffering.

Montse’s prayer always echoed the prayer of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane,

Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass me by but nevertheless let your will and not mine be done.”

Very often our plans for ourselves don’t coincide with God’s.

When we feel the weight of the cross of loneliness, or as our dreams of marriage at a certain age become impossible, we can look at the example of this heroic teenager.

When her parents revealed the news to her that she had cancer for the first time, her reaction surprised them.

She simply asked if they would have to amputate her leg.

When they replied that they did not know yet, she said, “Well, what a pity,”.

She then knelt before the statue of the Blessed Virgin, said “Whatever you wish,” and went to bed.

They soon found her sleeping soundly.

Yet we, unlike Montse struggle with trusting God with our vocation and our current situation.

Let us ask Montse’s intercession that she may help us accept God’s will in our lives and convert our sufferings into ways to better love God and others.

A practical tip would be to surround yourself with community and become passionate about wholesome activities.

Maybe you enjoy tennis like she did, or perhaps you are more of an artist.

Maybe your passion is baking or singing.

Whatever it is, your single season is a perfect time to develop your God given gifts and share them with others.

This will remind you of how much more there is to life than your relationship status.


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