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Dear God, I choose to believe I am exactly where You want me to be.

I choose to believe

that You are right here present with me, and with You I lack nothing.

Cover me under the shadow of Your right hand, and protect me from all temptation.

Help me to keep my eyes on You instead of my circumstances and my failures.

Sustain my soul and keep me close to Your Heart.

Teach me to love through the Gospel so I will know that loving people selflessly and wholeheartedly is very possible, and only a choice away.

God, thank You for protecting me from the evil one.

Thank You for giving me eyes to see and perceive, ears to listen and understand.

Lord, help me to keep a consistent prayer time every day, that I may ponder on Your words in the Bible and seek Your direction in my life.

Lord, reveal any bitterness and unforgiveness that I am holding onto but am not seeing. Help me through my process of forgiveness, and teach me to be merciful as You are merciful.

Give me joy in this season of singleness and help me to be content with where I am and what I have.

I choose to believe

that whatever vocation You are calling me to, You are preparing a place for me, and You are guiding my significant other just as You are guiding me at this moment.

God, I want to give You glory as I walk through this season of my life.

Help me to focus not on seeking my future husband or the people that I am attracted to, but to focus on You, Lord.

Help me to get as much as I can out of this season, and to enjoy it with great peace while I am in it. Help me with my decisions so that I will not have regrets.

Jesus, help me to believe that what I am going through right now is only a tiny piece of a puzzle that You have given me, and that You are painting the whole picture with Your Goodness, Love and Mercy.

I choose to believe

that You are a great Father, and all that I am going through, whether big or small, You are teaching me so that I may increase in Wisdom.

Thank You, God.

From Your beloved daughter.


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